YesPhonics App on iTunes and Google Play

The YesPhonics App is here! The program designed especially to promote literacy with educator empowerment is now easier, more accessible and even more useful!

On our path toward a world where teachers and homeschoolers have the time, tools, and confidence to teach their best, YesPhonics has published a smartphone app compatible with practically every device, and it’s available on Google Play and iTunes both. So no matter which smartphone or tablet you’re using, you still have access to the strongest, most useful literacy promotion tool available to educators and students the YesPhonics Mnemonic Phonic Technique!

Google Play App Download

Head to Google Play now and find the YesPhonics app “Mnemonic Phonic Technique” in the app store to start developing students’ true love for reading. Want to try out the app before buying it? Check out the free version: Mnemonic Phonic Technique (lite) and the joy, confidence, and scholastic aptitude that comes with it!

Apple iTunes Store App Download

If Apple is more to your liking, you can find the YesPhonics app “Mnemonic Phonic Technique” in the iTunes store here, or try out the free version of the app here.