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YesPhonics’ 4 Point Circle Handwriting System

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YesPhonics’ 4 Point Circle Handwriting System

Step-By-Step Instructions to Teach Your Student to Write the 26 Letters of the English Alphabet – Tried, True and Guaranteed

4 Point Circle handwriting systemIntroducing: The 4 Point Circle System to Teaching Manuscript Writing
YesPhonics™ offers a guaranteed method to teach students how to write the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Our 4-Point Circle System for manuscript writing is fun, easy, and unique to YesPhonics™. If your students can draw a circle and a straight line, the 4-Point Circle System puts the entire alphabet at their fingertips, and you can watch their confidence soar with each successive letter they write.

For the teacher, your supply list is easy: Collect a #2 pencil and find the rest of your tools, free, at these links:

Begin with the 7 Strokes: Start your student off nice and easy by having them practice the 7 Strokes of Manuscript Writing by downloading and printing out the Lined Paper. In this fashion, they will begin to understand each stroke, which will prepare them to write letters.

Start by practicing each stroke seven times: Once you are done with the first stroke, move onto the second stroke and have your student practice it seven times and so on. Make sure they are practicing it according to the 7 Strokes diagram.

Teach Only Lower Case First: It’s easier to begin by teaching lower-case letters only, as you’re not mixing upper-case and lower-case letters together, which can be confusing to young students. Only teach capital letters as they are needed.

Letter Formation:
Teach the circle letters first. Sequence the alphabet letters as follows (we’ve already sequenced them for you in this order; see 4 Point Circle Technique Chart #1 and #2 )
a, c, d, f, g, o, s, qu, b, e, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, t, u, v, w, x, y, z.

Always Supervise: Supervise writing exercises until the letters are formed exactly. These proper writing habits formed will last a lifetime!

Don’t Let Mistakes Stand: Correct mistakes until the letters are exact; this makes an important “brain connection” to printed material.

Teach Left to Right: Beginners learn to write in the same direction as we read.

Keep Practicing: Each student will come to this exercise with different levels of motor skills and coordination. It might take a little extra time for some students than others. That’s Ok!

Results: Each student will have different results. Some may catch on quicker than others. Generally, you’ll want to practice each letter at least once. But like anything, the more the student practices each 4 Point Circle handwriting system letter according to the Four Point Circle System the more they will become proficient in writing, and before you know it, your student will be able to write each letter with ease!

Practice Makes Progress!

So far so good! You’re now ready to teach the circle points. This is where it gets fun, as your student puts his or her pencil to the page and begins writing the English alphabet!

Teach the Circle Points:
Use this example to point out the top line, mid-line, and baseline. Using the 4 point circle diagram, trace around the circle with your finger and let your student/s do the same. Then have them trace around the circle with their pencil. They are now ready to begin writing all 26 letters of the English alphabet! Here is how to teach the letters:

Click Here and Here to teach the dialogues for writing the letters a – z. Read aloud the written instructions next to each letter to your student. 

That’s it! Congratulations! Your student can now write all 26 letters of the English alphabet. This is a huge accomplishment and a great start to writing, reading and spelling skills that will last a lifetime.

YesPhonics™ offers eight other FREE lessons, with easy to follow instructions, as well as access to the complete 72 Orton Phonics Sound-A-Long Video, and fun, step-by-step teaching guides and activities. Link here to Test Drive YesPhonics™, absolutely free.

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