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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 x 9.25 x 3 in
  • Phonics for English Manual
  • Phonogram Flash Card Pack
  • Sound-A-Long DVD
  • Teaching Instructions
  • Reproducible Masters
  • Teaching Guides
  • Sound-A-Long CD
  • Creative Coloring Book
  • Spelling Notebook
  • Phingo! Phonetic Bingo
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  • Lifetime License to Reproduce All Materials
  • Ideal for homeschoolers and teachers teaching multiple students.

YesPhonics™ Express Deluxe

Congratulations! You have just discovered the Phonics for English Reading, Spelling and Writing Express Program conceived by Pauline M. Adamson, published by YesPhonics™ since 1998, and successfully used by teachers and parents to teach phonics for 15 years.

The YesPhonics Express Program is a phonics-based curriculum that anyone can use – without training – to teach phonics. For students, the ability to read, spell and write with confidence opens a whole new world, and a great, wide window of opportunity for the future.

The unique YesPhonics phonics teaching program provides you with all the tools you need to teach reading, writing and spelling – to anyone. The Express manual walks you and your student/s through the proven, Orton-Spalding phonics reading process. YesPhonics effectively acts as an comprehensive language arts program, teaching students capitalization, punctuation, prepositions, verbs, nouns, homographs, and homonyms, as well as teaching to read, spell and write.

Students who are homeschooled thrive in the YesPhonics program, and parents find the step-by-step tools and prepared curriculum an invaluable asset in teaching students how to read, write, and spell. Traditional teachers can spend hours and days out of the classroom just learning to teach phonics. With YesPhonics Express, you can immediately start teaching language arts, with everything you need pre-designed and at your fingertips.

explicit phonicsYour student/s will learn how to read unfamiliar words syllable-by-syllable when they complete the third level of the YesPhonics program. It won’t matter how long the word is, your “graduate” will have a vocabulary of approximately 30,000 words. (If your students are using a sight reading, whole word program, they will typically learn to read only 900 words in the same time frame and will be challenged in spelling.)

This phonics teaching philosophy puts the highest priority on the physical and mental well-being of students, encouraging them as they move through material that builds upon previous lessons, and building their confidence and well as their cognitive skills.

The phonics methodology is derived from a body of time-tested knowledge and practice, as well as scientific evidence about how people learn to read and write. In phonics, the thinking brain processes information through all the learning pathways – sight, sound, touch, and motion. This unique approach helps students understand words, sentences, grammar and composition more easily.

pencilInstructors model sounds, words and sentences, coaching their students and providing feedback and support. The students see, hear, and write using the multi-sensory channels to the brain to enhance retention. This interactive, phonics teaching approach is delivered in a specific, cumulative sequence that facilitates learning and encourages progress, eventually leading students to critical and conceptual thinking.

YesPhonics Express uses a synchronistic approach designed for teaching phonics using the core concepts of Dr. Orton, Dr. Spaulding, and Maria Montessori, and incorporates Dr. Leonard Ayre’s 1,300 most commonly used words in the English language. Students learn to spell from dictation from the teacher by systematically identifying the individual Orton phonograms that make up all the words in the English language.

YesPhonics Express is the one and only programmatic course you will ever need to buy, and will take the very beginner from learning how to master the alphabet, all the way to reading, spelling and writing with proficiency.

Engage your eager students, inspire the core and end the struggle of students who are consistently falling behind, testing low and losing confidence. The YesPhonics Express program will also accelerate learning for gifted students, with the potential to become extremely adept at, even masters of, the English Language.

The YesPhonics Express Program is guaranteed to work, with a proven and successful track record in teaching phonics, giving your students and children the edge they need for success – in school and in life.