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Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 x 9.75 x .5 in

Nowhere else will you find a ‘kinesthetic learning’ notebook that helps students like this does!

Spelling Notebook

Nowhere else will you find a ‘kinesthetic learning’ notebook that helps students like this does!

NotebookIs your student/child using a notebook off the shelf of an office supply store? If so, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity for student achievement and recognition. The book that a student uses to craft letters and words, to express him or herself in the beautiful, powerful English language, to record their progress and to expand their knowledge, should be – and can be – much more that the pretty cover the student chooses off the shelf.

A rich learning ground, a child’s spelling notebook should also be much more than lines on paper. It should perform as hard as your students do. True to form, the YesPhonics™ Spelling Notebook becomes a educational companion, a living document, a forum for expanding knowledge, and a permanent record of the 1,300 most commonly used words in the English language. And you won’t find it anywhere other than the YesPhonics Express program.Technically designed for kinesthetic learning (tactile doing rather than seeing or hearing), the Spelling Notebook, works in synch with the other YesPhonics activities, and engages students in deeper phonics learning.

Led by the unique YesPhonics manual and phonics worksheets, students copy words, construct sentences, “decode” words with spelling rules and work markings, increase vocabulary, and watch their knowledge sprout and grow. Hand in glove, they learn how to read as they learn how to spell.

Engage With the Page

One of the most important aspects of the custom notebook from YesPhonics is that it utilizes 3/8″ lines with a dashed line in the center. With this format, students can easily locate the proper spacing needed to perfectly form the written letters.

The Spelling Notebook was also designed with young students in mind – those with small hands and developing mechanical skills. The specific technical aspects of the YesPhonics Spelling Notebook were strategically developed to accommodate the early learning of children and their specific writing style and challenges.

Lines Done Right

The YesPhonics Spelling Notebook is perfect for learning the proper proportions of manuscript writing and cursive writing as well. As part of a comprehensive phonics program, students learn how to write in the Spelling Notebook. YesPhonics has created a unique Circle Point Chart that teaches the seven strokes of manuscript writing in a format designed to accommodate the motor skills of growing children. Learning to write is a major achievement for young students, one which they can be proud of – and increasingly proud of – as their skills develop and expand.

What a first glance seem like a simple, blank, lined collection of pages becomes – with the students’ increasing skills and cognitive learning – the slate where he or she learns to express his or her thoughts and imagination. Igniting a lifetime of learning and expression, the blank pages become the canvas of a student’s words, thoughts, emotions and highest articulation.

Express Original Program
Express Original Program

A Canvas for Learning

The YesPhonics Spelling Notebook serves as a permanent record of achievement and source of pride and satisfaction for the aspiring student, their teachers, and their parents.

An integral part of phonics learning, the Spelling Notebook is included in the YesPhonics Express package. Additional Spelling Notebooks can also be purchased separately for additional students.

This notebook is a part of our complete learn how to read program.