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Ever wonder what’s on your student’s iPod? Make sure you’ve got intentional, constructive material available – presented in the way students most want to hear it.

Sound-A-Long CD

Ever wonder what’s on your child’s/student’s iPod? Make sure you’ve got intentional, constructive material available – presented in the way students most want to hear it.

The YesPhonics™ Sound-A-Long CD mirrors the phonics learning tools on the 26-minute Sound-A-Long DVD, delivering effective phonics activities in the car or on your student’s iPod. Now anyone can learn how to read, on the go, anytime, anywhere.

When you students put their earplugs in, they may be tuned out to you, but with the YesPhonics™ Sound-A-Long CD, you can rest assured they are tuned into their phonics learning. Enjoy the gratification that comes when a child begins to take the responsibility to study independently.


Sound Sequences and Phonograms 

With your own personal coach, the Sound-A-Long CD helps take teaching – and learning – phonics to a whole new level, as students repeat what they hear, while they ride in the car, lounge on the couch, or sit in a classroom. Students learn the sound sequences of the phonograms so they can literally “decode” every word they see.

The Sound-A-Long CD also works great with the unique YesPhonics™ Flash Card Phonogram Pack (which is included free in the YesPhonics™ Express Program or can be purchased separately). The tutor on the CD walks your student through each of the 72 flashcards, which present all the amazing Orton phonograms, along with clever mnemonic illustrations that help embed the phonogram in the student’s memory.

Sounds, Symbols, and Letters 

Opening with a lively music segment, the CD literally “wakes up” the student’s mind and prepares them for an engaging learning session.

The YesPhonics™ Sound-A-Long CD presents each of the 72 Orton Phonograms and verbalizes the 45 different sounds heard in the English language. One by one, in increasingly difficulty, students experience the sounds that each letter – and each unique combination of letters – makes. Students are also given a clever catch phrase that helps them understand the intricacies of the phonograms in the order in which they are most commonly used.

The unique presentation of the Sound-A-Long CD, while simple and fun on the surface, is actually promoting deep learning and a comprehensive understanding of all the sounds heard in the English language. The student absorbs all the letters – and combinations of letters – that make those sounds.

Express Original Program
Express Original Program

Accelerate Learning English Sounds 

One of the most gratifying things a teacher or parent experiences is when a student learns on their own, works independently, takes initiative, and begins the process of critical thinking. With the auditory tools in the YesPhonics™ Sound-A-Long CD, teachers, tutors, and parents can literally sit back and watch their children/students absorb, process and verbalize all the critically important phonograms of the English language.

The 26-minute YesPhonics™ Sound-A-Long CD accelerates any student’s reading, writing and spelling skills. Kids enjoy a relaxed yet engaged experience listening to the 72 Orton phonograms and the 45 sounds they make. Homeschool parents love this tool, adults and remedial students listen in their car to hone their skills, and those learning English as a second language get valuable insights into the English language.

Twenty-six minutes were never spent learning so much so quickly!