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Children love to play games and Phingo!™ helps make learning fun, while it encourages students with immediate and positive feedback.


Play and learn at the same time!

Children love to play games, and Phingo!™ helps make learning fun. This lively, interactive phonics game engages students on three levels of sensory input: visual, auditory and kinesthetic, helping students learn to read, write and spell the English language.

Play this engaging, bingo-style phonics game with the whole family, two students, a small group, or the entire classroom. Cleverly woven into the Phingo!™ cards are the 72 Orton phonograms – time-proven and kid-tested to build a strong foundation for reading, writing and spelling.

Bingo and Phonics Unite

The YesPhonics Phingo!™ game comes with a deck of 72 cards, each representing one of the Orton phonograms, which are vital to embedding the 45 sounds and sound combinations of the English language in the student’s memory. Phingo!™ also comes with six (6) reproducible bingo-style grid cards, just like a real bingo game. Complete playing instructions are also included.

How it Works: The teacher chooses 24 phonograms from the deck of 72, based on the level of difficulty he or she desires to present. Each student gets a grid card of their own, and a crayon or pencil. (Grids can also be laminated to use over and over with dry-erase markers.)

Fun for the Whole Family

The teacher draws from the deck and reads aloud the first phonogram, along with its clever mnemonic caption. Students choose at random where they want to write the phonogram on their Phingo! grid cards.

For example, the teacher may draw the phonogram /oa/. He or she would say the long ō sound, “that we may not use at the end of English words,” and then read the caption, “toad on the boat.” The students then write the phonogram /oa/ at random in one of the squares on their Phingo! grid card.

The Search Is On

When all 24 of the selected phonograms are presented, the whole deck is shuffled back together and the teacher begins to draw cards from the top of the deck. As the teacher reads each phonogram and caption, students try to find the phonogram on their grid card, circling the phonograms they recognize.

Students call out “Phingo!” when they believe they have correctly circled five blocks in a row – across, down or diagonally. The teacher checks the accuracy of their work. If a student has an incorrect phonogram, he or she returns to their seat and the game goes on until one student has five correct phonograms in a row.

A Break From the Routine

Why it Works: Phingo!™ creates a unique learning opportunity that rigorously tests students’ knowledge and understanding of the sounds and sound combinations found in the English language. It also helps increase their interest in learning, in a fun and lively environment.

Phingo!™ is an invaluable tool that gives students a break from their more rigorous curriculum of worksheets and memorization drills. The game is engaging and enjoyable, and it helps lower boredom and anxiety that can interfere with learning.

From Beginner to Advanced

Phingo!™ was also strategically created to accommodate various levels of difficulty, as the teacher can use increasingly complex phonograms and can task the students with using the phonogram in a sentence for bonus points.

With the Phingo!™ phonics game for reading, writing and spelling English, learning becomes child’s play.

This phonics bingo game is part of our complete learn how to read program.