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A great phonics tool embedded with secret codes that engages students instead of boring them with memorization lists.

Flash Card Phonogram Pack

The secret codes in the YesPhonics™ Flash Card Phonogram Pack teach all 45 sounds heard in the English language. Capitalizing on the brilliant 72 Orton phonograms, each flash card illuminates every sound the letters (phonograms) make. They come in black and white for the students’ (and teacher) advantage–children can color the originals or the educator can make copies of each card for them to color.

Combining phonics sounds with mnemonic aids and illustrations, the Flash Card Phonogram Pack, unique to YesPhonics, helps students learn to read and understand words without arduous, unproductive memorization.

The Power of Phonograms

Phonograms are tremendously powerful because serve as strong memory aids by linking a mnemonic (visual prompt) with a sound or sound sequence. The mnemonic “have a ball” for example, links the three sounds made by the letter “a” with a simple phrase and an illustration that completes the learning cycle.

The YesPhonics signature mnemonics empower students with the ability to easily recall the sounds of the phonograms in the order of their use frequency. This enables the student to use the most frequently used sound first, which, more often than not, is the correct one to use. If it doesn’t work for that particular word, the second most commonly used sound is tried, and so on.

Not All Phonograms are Created Equal 

Some phonograms, particularly consonants such as the letter “m” or “t”, are straightforward, with one sound. The letter “t” for example makes the sound in “top”, “tip” or “tape”. Add an “h” to that t”, however, and you have the two sounds made by the phonogram “th”. The YesPhonics phonogram flash cards teach the two distinct sounds of “th” as illustrated in the words breathe and breath.

In fact, phonograms (letters and letter combinations) in the English language have up to six distinct sounds. Consider the phonogram “ough,” for example. Six distinct sounds of “ough” are illustrated in these words: dough, through, rough, cough, bought, plow. If these seems challenging you, imagine how confusing it can be for your student/s.

Easy as Pie 

Fortunately, the YesPhonics flash cards help students embed these sounds and sound sequences into their memories, learning without the arduous effort of whole language (memorize and recite) systems. Learning the 72 Orton phonograms, in the order of the frequency, embeds a strong foundation upon which students build all their reading, writing and spelling skills.

YesPhonics phonogram flash cards are easy as pie for the teacher to use, as the sounds of the phonograms and captions are readily available on the back of the card. While the student sees the big bold phonogram itself, the teacher reads from the back of the card, and the student repeats. Combining the visual code embedded in the phonogram, with the auditory process of hearing and repeating the sound or sound sequence, creates a powerful learning mechanism for the student. For teachers, the phonogram Flash Card Phonogram Pack presents a fun and easy diversion, allowing them to have fun with their students as they use a powerful tool in teaching students to read.

Express Deluxe Program

The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

Fun, simple and engaging, the high-quality phonogram flash cards are also printed on 100-pound card stock to ensure that they will last for generations.

The Flash Card Phonogram Pack is included in the YesPhonics Express Program, a comprehensive toolkit for teaching to read, spell and write. You can also purchase the Phonogram Pack separately, for work in small groups and additional classes. Note to parents: The unique phonogram flash card sets make great gifts. Kids actually love to play with them on their own, in pairs and in small groups.

These cards are part of our complete learn how to read program.