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Taking art to a whole new level. The YesPhonics™ Creative Coloring Book lets children color and draw all of the illustrations that represent the 72 Orton Phonograms.

Creative Coloring Book

Taking language arts to a whole new level, the YesPhonics™ Creative Coloring Book lets children color and draw all the illustrations that represent the 72 Orton phonograms. Without even realizing they are learning, students absorb the sounds and sound sequences inherent in learning how to read, write and spell, as they express themselves creatively.

Now, “have a ball” is more than a reading phonogram, it’s a colorful expression of your child’s imagination. Page by page, the Creative Coloring Book unfolds opportunities for students to absorb the Orton phonograms and the 72 different sounds and sound sequences heard in the English language. Children learn how to read while they color the illustrations, and their imaginations are set free to simultaneously explore the dimensions shape and color, letters and sounds.

Multi Sensory Coloring

The Creative Coloring Book incorporates two of the three types of learning – visual and kinesthetic (and, if instructed to say the captions out loud, auditory also) – and engages the imagination while it offers students a fun diversion. Although everybody is different, most students tend to gravitate to one learning style over the other two. When students employ their strongest learning style/s, they typically find homework less stressful and more productive. Through a simultaneous combination of two or more learning styles, as in the Creative Coloring Book, learning quickens and deepens, unlocking a child’s true potential.

Children get to engage their creative impulses, take a well-deserved break from their more rigorous studies, and reinforce all of the sounds of the phonograms they’re learning. Parents and teachers also get to step back from their drills and instruction to observe their students in a joyful and creative process, without direct supervision.

Learning Deepens with Creativity

With the many technological gadgets and toys available today, children get all-too-easily sucked into wasted hours of video games, internet diversions, and text messaging. The Creative Coloring books offers a more brain-healthy activity, encouraging children away from mind-numbing digital technology and into their creative imaginations.

Also, as children break from the static learning model of sitting, listening and reciting, they begin to exercise the creative side of their brain, their enthusiasm grows, their confidence builds, and their learning deepens.

Art + Imagination = Creativity

The Creative Coloring Book is a brilliant utilization of the 72 Orton Phonograms, which represent all 72 sounds and sound combinations in the English language. By creating clever illustrations that further represent the Orton phonograms, YesPhonics has created a powerful phonics learning device. Your students add their own creative imaginations to this tool  to make it exponentially more instructive.

Employing art and imagination in the process of learning how to read, spell and write, helps create a powerful synthesis of cognitive abilities. Imagination is an important personal tool that has a tremendous influence on the way in which children process their goals and create paths to achievement. A potent ally for children, imagination and creativity are precursors to great achievements and discoveries.

Express Deluxe Program

The Whole Package

The Creative Coloring Book is included in the YesPhonics Express package. Additional coloring books can also be purchased separately, for additional students.

This coloring book is a part of our complete learn how to read program.