How Does YesPhonics Compare with Other Phonics Programs?

The world of phonics is an exciting place to be. But maybe it’s too exciting. Too much data, too many choices, and one great big issue at stake: your children’s ability to read, write and spell with proficiency.

Our online examination reveals seven ways you might be getting hooked into spending too much money, and how to avoid the costly domino effect of upgrades and add-on fees.

A quick visit to the Internet reveals dozens of different phonics programs, a dizzying array of which are offered by Hooked on Phonics© (totaling many hundreds of dollars). Which begs the question: What to buy, when to buy, and why am I buying this, again?  Nobody wants to get drawn into something that spirals out of control. So …

Let’s put Hooked on Phonics© to the test.
YesPhonics vs Hooked on Phonics Comparison chart

1. Phonics Approach

While Hooked on Phonics has capitalized on the phonics teaching revolution, their core approach uses a whole language methodology, which focuses on words over sounds, and memorization over comprehension. The ‘whole language’ approach is ineffectual because students only learn one sound from each letter, when in fact most letters have more than one sound, hence, ‘phonics’.
YesPhonics™ Express, on the other hand, teaches all the various sounds and sound combinations in a variety of ways. The effective Sound-A-Long DVD, for example, features memory-aid catch phrases, which help the students tremendously by allowing them to easily remember each and every sound of a phonogram.

Report Card: Hooked on Phonics comes out of the gate at a distinct disadvantage to complete programs such as YesPhonics Express.

2. Teaching the Alphabet

Hooked on Phonics teaches the alphabet.
How crazy is that? While most of us grew up using the “whole language” approach, as in, “A is for apple”, this has been proven less effective than learning the phonograms first and foremost. As we learn in phonics, A isn’t for apple. It’s for “apple” (ă) and “apricot” (ā) and “avocado” (ah). Learning the phonograms teaches all the sounds each letter makes.

Technically, whole language students learn only the long sounds of each word (ay, bee, see). This becomes a huge detriment to children and their ability to learn, as it ingrains in them a limited and incomplete foundation right from the start. YesPhonics, on the other hand, teaches all the sounds and sound sequences of each letter and letter combination in the English language.

Report Card: Once a person realizes the folly with the whole language system, it’s easy to understand  the education deficit in this country, based on the antiquated style of teaching that Hooked on Phonics is promoting.

3. Phonics Tools

Hooked on Phonics is also missing several key elements that are vital to engaging children and embedding new information. The signature mnemonics found in only YesPhonics Express, for example, combine clever illustrations with the sound sequences, which serve as exceptional memory aids.

YesPhonics Express also offers the 29 hard-and-fast Spelling Rules and a list of the 1,300 most commonly used words in the English language. Learning how to read and spell make up two legs on the vital three-legged stool of language arts.

YesPhonics completes the structure of language with unique tools to teach manuscript and cursive writing. Little hands, big letters: Teaching the physical mechanics of writing can challenge parents, tutors, and even the most experienced teachers. YesPhonics™ gives you a guaranteed system to guide your student/s though the mechanics of writing each and every letter of the English alphabet.

These tools, combined with others, create a strong foundation upon which students build all their reading, writing and spelling skills.

Report Card: Shrewd teachers and home-school parents are paying less and getting more with YesPhonics Express.

4. Product Availability

While Hooked on Phonics offers a broad array of products, each one is parsed out and sold separately.

For example, when you invest in Hooked on Phonics, you must purchase grade levels separately. What if your 2nd-grader is still reading at the 1st grade level? How do you know which program is right for your child … until you buy it? And then buy another one next year, or next month – if your child progresses quickly. You’ve now found yourself in a domino game of continuous spending. Grade: FAIL.

In contrast, YesPhonics Express passes this test by offering a comprehensive program in one package. As your child progresses through each lesson, another lesson is ready-made for the teacher to present. 28 specific lessons take you and your student/s through the entire phonics learning process.

Another great thing about YesPhonics: Teachers, tutors and parents can use the same product for countless students, over and over again, for generations. In addition to a fast start (you can begin teaching the day your toolkit arrives at your door), YesPhonics lasts in perpetuity. With time-tested methodology and reproducible masters, YesPhonics will never get outdated and never be used up.

[quote style=”boxed”]I had no idea there was such an easy way to teach the phonograms and the spelling lists; this is a curriculum we will be telling our parents about.” -V.A., Children’s Center, Memphis TN[/quote]

Report Card: With Hooked on Phonics©, as your student/s learn and grow, unfortunately so does your financial investment.

The wiser choice is YesPhonics Express, which offers everything you need to teach phonics in one comprehensive program, with no add-on or upgrade fees. YesPhonics™ Express teaches all students, beginning to advanced, from kindergarten through 12th grade. These unique tools also teach reluctant and remedial readers, adults, and anyone studying English as a second language – in school and at home.

See for yourself all the components of phonics learning in YesPhonics Express, combined in one comprehensive, easy-to-use program, by clicking here.

With a Maze of Available Phonics Products, How Can You Simplify your Investment, and Save Time and Money?

5. Children’s Workbooks

Hooked on Phonics offers workbooks for children to complete their assignments and practice their writing and spelling skills. However – you guessed it – Hooked on Phonics requires additional purchases to access their workbooks. Grade: D

Report Card: Workbooks are an important component of phonics learning and with YesPhonics Express this key tool is included in your program – for no additional charge. (Your student/s use the Lesson Plans and Worksheets as they learn, write, read and spell their progressively improving homework.)

6. The Gift of Simplicity

In addition to the mind-boggling array of different Hooked on Phonics products, once you get inside the fancy packaging, you might find yourself in an equally confusing maze of highly convoluted and technical offerings.

We hear over and over that YesPhonics Express, more than any other product available, simplifies the complex intricacies of the English language, making it simple for teachers, tutors and parents – with no special training – to teach children how to read, spell and write.

7. Is that Special Offer Really all That Special?

Hooked on Phonics will give you a 30-day free trial of their “Learn to Read” package – if you pay a non-refundable shipping fee. (Yes, “Learn to Spell” and “Hooked on Spelling” are both sold separately.)

YesPhonics also guarantees your satisfaction of the comprehensive YesPhonics Express Phonics for English Reading, Spelling and Writing program, with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Here’s the Real Deal

Sign up to our free e-mail course and we’ll guide you through, in 7 easy mini lessons, how the YesPhonics Express program works, click here to get started. You’ll also receive full viewing access to the YesPhonics Sound-A-Long DVD , absolutely free, with no purchase required at all! You don’t need to give YesPhonics your credit card number to own, forever, with no strings attached, you can take the YesPhonics Express program for a test drive and see for yourself why it works!

The Sound-A-Long DVD allows students to repeat what they see and hear … Learning the sound sequences of the phonograms through graphic illustrations and mnemonic learning codes (26 minutes).

Price Comparison Chart4

Final Exam

When you explore the YesPhonics™ Express Program, here, you will see a comprehensive toolkit that enables you to teach phonics to all grades and all types of students. Your toolkit includes Teaching Guides, the Spelling List of the 1,300 most commonly used words, Spelling Notebook, phonics activities, a complete Flash Card Phonogram Pack, the Sound-A-Long DVD and Sound-A-Long CD, and much more. Plus, all the master sheets are reproducible, so you can deliver the program as many times and to as many students as needed.

Extra Credit

It might help to think of learning like we think of eating. While you might prefer the buffet at dinner time, with lots and lots of little bites, when it comes to your child’s education, you need the whole meal – complete, balanced, and satisfying. Take one bite at a time, digest it thoroughly, and move on to the next healthy morsel. As mom used to say: “It’s good for you.”

Start teaching phonics as soon as your YesPhonics Express toolkit arrives at your door. Learn more here.

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