The Express Manual

Catch the Phonics Express for fast, fun and rapid learning to read, spell & write!

Manual page #2Everything in One Manual

In 5 weeks beginning students will easily learn and write:

  • 56 Orton Phonograms
  • 150 Ayers Spelling Words
  • 10 Spalding Spelling Rules
  • Write and Read sentences that they construct from their spelling words.
  • Potential reading ability will then include hundreds of words.
  • They will start reading literature from the library that educates and develops a love of reading.

Manual page #3

About the Phonics for English Reading, Spelling & Writing Express Program Manual

  • The Phonics Express Program Manual is 8 1/2″ x 11″ and has 270 pages; it is coil bound and is printed in easy-to-read 14 point Times New Roman font.
  • The Program Manual has a 3-Level Curriculum (Sequenced K-3rd for beginners to advanced learners).
  • The Lesson Plans have two pages; one page of teaching instructions and one page of the Worksheets filled in with manuscript and cursive writing to simulate the students’ work.
  • The Extended Ayers spelling Word List (see manual sample) is single column with division lines between each word. The words have comprehensive dialogues and teaching instruction for each word with reference to spelling rules, lesson plans and students worksheet numbers. The “Sequence” is listed throughout the spelling list as well as in the manual.

Manual page #4

The Manual Contents Include:

Introduction: Method, Research & History

Scope: Overview of method and teaching material

Sequence: The Sequence is the guide for daily, weekly and by the grade teaching of the program in the Phonics Express Program Manual and it is also listed throughout the Ayers Spelling List in the manual. This step-by-step sequential guide coordinates the presentation of the subjects and integrates the teaching order of the phonograms, spelling words, spelling rules and beginning grammar with the Lesson Plans and Students Worksheets.

Manual page # 5

Teaching Material & How to Teach

  • How to teach Manuscript and Cursive Writing. (see manual sample)
  • How to teach the 72 Orton Phonograms includes: Phonograms/Captions Chart; Dialogues for teaching: “Single-Letter Phonograms”, “Illustration/Caption Coloring/Hand-Out Sheets” & “Multi-Letter Phonograms”.
  • How to teach the Ayers Spelling List with the multi-sensory method includes: Dialogues for teaching: “One-Syllable Words”, “Multi-Syllable Words” and “Think to Spell”.
  • Spelling Rules Chart.
  • Word Markings & Misc.

Manual page #6

Lesson Plans

The 28 Lesson Plans teach the 28 Students Worksheets (blanks of the lesson plans). The 28 Lesson Plans have 2 pages each. The first page gives the Sequence numbers, teaching instructions, spelling words and markings to use. The second page is the Students Worksheet that is filled in by hand in manuscript or cursive writing to replicate the way it would appear if the teacher or a student had written in the spelling words.

The 28 Lesson Plans and Worksheets Directory

    1. Consonants and Vowels (see manual sample)
    2. Multi-Letter Phonogram Reference Chart
    3. Syllables
    4. Sentence, Original Sentence, Paragraph
    5. Silent Final E’s
    6. Nouns & Adjectives
    7. 4 Ways a Single Vowel Can Say A, E, I, O, U
    8. Verbs, Pronouns, Prepositions
    9. F, L & Doubling Rule
    10. SH, TI, SI & CI Say / SH/
    11. I & Y Say E
    12. Plurals: Suffixes – S, -ES
    13. C & G before E, I or Y
    14. Homonyms and Homographs (see manual sample)
    1. E’s Dropping Rule
    2. Rule 1-1-1 Suffixes Learning Reference Chart
    3. 6 Spellings of ER
    4. ED- Past Tense Endings
    5. Rule 2-1-1 Suffixes Learning Reference Chart
    6. I & O Followed by Two Consonants
    7. L Dismiss Rule & Compound Words
    8. OUGH “Wild” Phonogram Team
    9. Y’s Exchange Rule
    10. Contractions Reference  Chart
    11. Comparative Words Reference Chart
    12. IE or EI Question (see manual sample)
    13. Other Phonograms
    14. Word Analysis: Root with Rules Application

Manual page #7

Ayers Spelling List

The Ayers Spelling List consists of 1000 words in the most common use in the everyday world. They are used to study the structure of the language and explain most of the spelling problems in English. This core spelling list has extensions of 300 words that are root word derivatives, similar words and words added for teaching the spelling rules with the Lesson Plans and Students Worksheets. When the words for the grade levels are complete, the teacher may then choose words pertinent to the students’ reading material to use for spelling.

The spelling words are taught in syllables and are referenced to the 29 Spalding spelling rules. The 92 pages of spelling words are in single columns with lines between each word. They have comprehensive dialogues and teaching explanations for each word with its spelling rule, lesson plan and students worksheet numbers.

Manual page #8

It’s in the Sequence

The step-by-step Sequence (see manual sample) is listed throughout the spelling list as well as earlier in the Phonics Express Program Manual. The words that are used in the Lesson Plans are also in the spelling list with their “Sequence” numbers for easy coordination of their teaching timetable.

The Ayers spelling words are taught in the order of use frequency the way the language works. From the beginning, students learn to write simple and complex sentences and to apply capitalization and punctuation rules for literate English sentences by using high frequency words from their Spelling Notebooks. The words are also used to learn parts of  speech and build derivatives. Spelling lists of word families and words associated with the phonograms are often low frequency and are not of immediate use for daily reading and writing practice.

Manual page #9

Phonogram Pages (Appendix A)

The Phonogram Pages in the back of the Phonics Express Program Manual are for a reference and are reproducible masters. The 72 phonograms are placed 2 on each page; they may be copied on double-sides or single-sides and/or cut in half.

The Phonogram Pages may be used in the manual or copied for the students to use to learn the phonograms, for coloring for elementary students, as handouts for middle school, high school, college, self-learning and other students, as a DVD or CD follow along, to display as wall charts , to make flash cards and for others uses.

Express Deluxe Program
Express Deluxe Program

Students Worksheets (Appendix B)

The 28 Students Worksheets in the back of the Phonics Express Program Manual are for a reference and are reproducible masters that are used for teaching the spelling rules with the spelling words and lesson plans from the program manual. They may be copied for the student’s use as they are needed.