The YesPhonics™ program is designed to be taught or learned step-by-
step through a “sequence.” This sequential guide coordinates
the presentation of the subjects and integrates their teaching order.

YesPhonics is a comprehensive
reading, writing, & spelling system.

YesPhonics™ has helped thousands teach students to read, write and spell with confidence. Empower your students to learn more, test higher, build confidence, and achieve academic success!

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Whole brain learning
made fun.

YesPhonics Express gives you all the tools you need to teach reading, writing and spelling to anyone. Accelerate your student’s learning process with auditory, visual, verbal, and kinesthetic learning.

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Classroom simplified.

Show up confident, prepared, and ready to teach. Yesphonics takes out the worry and tedious busy work and planning. We give you proven track to follow. Put your focus on teaching and causing your students to learn.

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Home School with confidence.

You don’t have to invent your own reading and writing curriculum. YesPhonics gives you everything you need to take your child’s literary skills to the next level.

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