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No Special Training Required

The YesPhonics Express Program is ready to go right out of the box! Think of it like a road map that guides your teaching at each stage of the learning process. There is no guessing or confusion. Each step builds upon the next and your child’s reading, writing, and spelling skills grow with each milestone. The YesPhonics curriculum is designed to be taught one on one with the sutdent and teacher. It is not a “set it and forget it” type of learning program. We will equip you with ALL the tools you need to teach effectively and confidently.

Take the stress out of teaching

It can be challenge managing a household and a classroom simultaneously. The good news is YesPhonics is here to help you accomplish your goals and to keep you on track. We want to help you save time and plan your day efficiently. That’s why we have designed the YesPhonics Express Programs with easy to follow lesson plans. When you open your new Express program box you will see the “Just Start Here” sheet. This is your launching point. From here, the lessons follow sequentially with each step building on the next.

A Proven Method of Learning

We’ve taken the critically acclaimed Orton Spalding method of teaching phonics and stream lined it. The phonics methodology is derived from a body of time-tested knowledge and practice, as well as scientific evidence about how people learn to read and write. In phonics, the thinking brain processes information through all the learning pathways – sight, sound, touch, and motion. This unique approach helps students understand words, sentences, grammar and composition more easily.

Join Our Onine Community

YesPhonics is simply teachers helping teachers do their best. With the purchase of any YesPhonics product,you will have access to our free and private Facebook group. Here you can ask questions,share ideas and techniques, post articles and get connected with like minded educators. YesPhonics is dedicated to providing consistent, practical, accessible, and duplicatable phonics education. We can only achieve this together!