Built for every student in mind.

The YesPhonics curriculum comes in small bites, constantly progressing forward with small yet important victories. By using the Ayres word list, spelling patterns, and the first 150 words in the spelling list, the student builds on what they have learned. All forms of engaged learning are used.

Cut your lesson prep time in half.

Show up confident prepared and ready to teach. When you teach with YesPhonics, learning is engaging and your students will LOVE you for it. The YesPhonics sequence for learning takes out the worry and tedious busy work of lesson planning. We provide an exciting and natural learning experience for your students to follow. The Phonics for English manual also allows for flexibility so that you can bring your own teaching style to your classroom.

Where copying is a good thing!

With with the Yesphonics package we allow for unlimited lesson copies with our reproducible masters. That means you can teach one student, or full classroom with one program.
Other phonics and whole language programs require purchase after purchase of additional add-ons. YesPhonics has you, the teacher, in mind. Both our Express Original and Express Deluxe programs are not only affordable, but they’re fully reproducible. Teaching multiple students is easier than ever before.

Standardized Testing Secret Weapon

YesPhonics is your one stop shopping place for teaching your K-3rd grade student to read, write and spell effectively. Long time standardized test administrator and educator of twenty years, Pam Fink, says that good readers tend to do much better on standardized tests than readers who struggle.


Good Readers Succeed

“I have been a test administrator for Bob Jones University Press for for years, so I’ve proctored many tests for numerous students….You learn a lot about students and their capabilities, so when I say that good readers do well on standardized tests I say it with authority. YesPhonics has all of the elements necessary to help your student.”

YesPhonics gives young students a firm foundation in the English language to be able to tackle anything that’s put in front of them.