About Us

YesPhonics exists to promote literacy. So, how do we put our belief into action? How are we accomplishing this mission? Two words. Educator empowerment.

We envision a world where teachers and homeschoolers have the time, tools, and confidence to teach their best!

We see teachers and homeschoolers developing in their students a true love for reading and the joy, confidence, and scholastic aptitude that comes with it!

We do this by:

  • Making the curriculum affordable for home schools and classrooms.
  • Using a proven teaching method based of the Orton spading method
  • Reducing class preparation time for teachers.
  • Teaching critical thinking for students.
  • Using multi-sensory whole brained learning methods.
  • Keeping every lesson organized, sequenced, and easy to follow.
  • Students are reading in five weeks.
  • Students are spelling words in two months.

YesPhonics Express Program

The YesPhonics Express Program was created to equip educators all over the world. It’s an all in one system that is the roadmap for teaching writing, reading, and spelling of the English language.